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Infobric develop systems that makes the construction site safer and more efficient. With our solutions ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time and with access to the right equipment. We offer what works best in your everyday life. This is why our products are installed on thousands of small and large construction sites


Infobrics structure consists of founders who have key positions in the company and the investment company Summa Equity.

About Summa Equity

Summa Equity was founded in 2016 and closed its first private equity fund in February 2017 with commitments of SEK 4.7 billion to focus on investments in the Nordic SME market. The company invests in sectors associated with three megatrend-driven themes: Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics and Technology-enabled Businesses, and has built a portfolio of companies that contribute to positive development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals within areas such as health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation and technology. Through the acquisition, Summa Equity will become majority owner of Infobric. Management shareholders will remain as significant shareholders in the company.


Dan Friberg CEO Mark Barnard Sales Manager

Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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