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Skanska selects Infobric

NKS will be a completely new and ultramodern hospital with both specialised and highly specialized medical care, research and education. The five new buildings will be between nine and eleven stories high.

– We have chosen the Infobric solution because it is a solution that meets our requirements for high security and ease of use for staff and site management. For Skanska is it also important that the electronic attendance system can handle the amount of people and companies operating in the workplace, says Göran Pettersson, Logistics Manager, Skanska.

The Infobric solution at New Karolinska Solna uses Infobric’s electric control boxes, smart card readers and the management system Infobric Ease. With the help of smart card controlled doors and turnstiles, it is possible to control the flow of people to and from the construction site. The system automatically records the attendance of personnel for various reasons such as accounting purposes.



Construction site

New Karolinska Solna, a construction project that will continue until the spring of 2018 and covers about 330 000 square meters.

Project size

14,5 miljarder



Total population

about 3000 persons

Site manager

Göran Pettersson

Infobrics solution

Around the area there are nine rotating gates thats giving access to the site from different directions. Four individual gates at the main entrance and in the various buildings are also used Infobric door locks to restrict access to the different floors.

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Projekt NKS

Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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