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Description of the processing of personal data in the serivce

Description of the processing of personal data in the serivce

This Sub-annex is deemed to form an integral part of the Personal Data Processor Agreement.

Categories of Data Subjects

The following categories of the personal data of data subjects are processed in the Service:

  • The Customer’s employees and other personnel hired or otherwise engaged by the Customer
  • The Customer’s subcontractors, employees, hired or otherwise engaged personnel
  • Other persons who visit a work site where the Service is used

Categories of Personal Data

The following categories of personal data can be processed in the Service depending on what information registered by the Customer’s users. The list below refers to categories of personal data and must not be consistent with the entitlement of the field of the Service:

  • Name
  • Personal identity number
  • Employee number
  • Title
  • Card number
  • PIN code
  • Mobile phone number
  • Home phone number
  • Work phone number
  • Fax
  • Private e-mail address
  • Work e-mail address
  • Home address
  • Temporary address
  • Details of contact person in case of an accident (ICE)
  • Employer
  • Company worked for (if different from the employer)
  • Rights group
  • Work sites (where the person is added)
  • Card readings
  • Check-in and check-out records on the work site
  • GPS position for check-in and check-out via mobile app
  • Employees (personal list in the mobile app)
  • User name
  • Password
  • Language
  • Photo
  • Finger print (if the Customer connects such equipment to the Service and activates the function)

Purposes of the Processing

The personal data are processed for the following purposes:

  • In order to provide the Service and support of the Service; and
  • To carry out any additional documented instructions issued by the Customer or the Customer’s subcontractors from time to time

Processiong of Personal Data

Personal data are processed in the following manner in the Service:

  • Collection through registration, involving the creation of a user profile and the use of cards, e.g. card reading and check-in/check-out, the transfer of personal data from a Registration Box, Control Box, Machine Controller or other hardware and also the App for the Software
  • Access for the viewing and editing of personal data through the Software
  • Sweden: Disclosure of personal information by reporting the personnel ledger to the Tax Agency

Locations where Personal Data will be Processed

Personal data are processed by Infobric UK Limited. For information on what Sub-processors Infobric has hired, and where they process the Customer’s personal data, see the webpage indicated by Infobric from time to time.

Storage of Personal Data

The Customer may decide how long personal data shall be stored in the Service. If the Customer not actively changes the settings, the instruction to Infobric is to store the personal data during three (3) years from the registration.

Sweden: Regarding registration in personnel ledgers, the instruction to Infobric is, if the Customer or any other personal data controller not actively changes the settings, to store the personal data until the end of the current calendar year and during a period of three (3) years thereafter.

If the main agreement with the Customer expires the personal data shall be stored until Infobric has returned or deleted the Customer’s personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Processor Agreement.

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