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    Installation of card reader

    For reading cards to Infobric Ease we use a reader with associated program and drive routines. Download and install the drive routines and then install Simple Infobric Reader.

    NOTE! The installation may require administrator privileges if you are working on a ‘company’ computer, contact your IT department and ask them to install the driver and program for you. If you have a remote desktop connection (e.g. Citrix), you must logout and download and run the drivers and program on your local desktop only.  Do not connect the desktop USB card reader to your computer until you have installed all the required drivers and programs.


    1. Download and install the drive routines depending on the reader type:

    White/Grey card reader

    2. Download and install Simple Infobric Reader:

    3. Connect the card reader to the computer.

    4. Start the card reading program by clicking on the Windows Start menu, open the folder Infobric and click Simple Infobric Reader.

    NOTE! Select settings in the Simple Infobric Reader (SIR) menu bar, choose desired language, ensure Enable CSCS Card Support is checked. Use the same login for SIR as you use for Infobric Ease.

    NOTE! Simple Infobric Reader can be installed on a computer with x86- or x64 processor. There is currently no support for ARM processors.