Energy savings

Regulate heating when the construction site isn't staffed

There are great opportunities to optimise the energy use on most construction sites, by controlling and monitoring the electrical equipment.  By controlling heating, lighting and power output, you can achieve energy efficiency throughout the building process.  And it’s all achievable through the simple user interface of the web service Infobric Ease.

Regulate heating and lighting to coincide with the working patterns of the site.  You can also make live changes should there be any sudden changes in working patterns.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

With the web service Infobric Ease you already control presence and access to site, this makes the system well-suited to also control heating, lighting and power on site.  Set the temperature to 14?C at night, turn off all lights at 20:00 hrs or shut down any transformers not in use overnight.  With Ease the site always has a comfortable environment when the staff need it.

Remember, it’s so easy to be environmentally friendly and save money with the Infobric environmental controller.

Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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