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Select Ease and our smart additional products to increase the safety and the efficiency of your construction site. Using the smart phone, tablet or PC, you can control the access for people and access to storage containers. You always have an easily accessible overview of time spent in the construction project and the construction workers and subcontractors who are present. This provides a simple and effective basis for invoice monitoring. In an emergency, you have full control over personnel, and you can quickly retrieve an accurate list of who is inside the construction site.

You can use Infobric Ease on any device with internet access, this means you can manage your Construction Site wherever you are.  Infobric Ease communicates in real time with all the doors, turnstiles, gates, Regboxes and plant on your site.

Get started in just 20 minutes

Infobric Ease is a simple and straightforward Internet service. A short review of less than 20 minutes is usually sufficient in order to learn how it works and how to use it.

Infobric Ease is designed for maximum ease of use in a construction environment with high tempo. A simple installation, a power outlet and a short briefing is all that’s required to use the system. Infobric is easy and secure.  Personal data and logs of presence is centrally stored and secured from unauthorised access. Infobric Ease is also a management system for safety, HR, environment, procurement and finance.

Subcontractor Chain in Infobric Ease

Subcontractor Chain is a new function in Infobric Ease that gives you an overview over which subcontractors are operating at the workplace and makes it easy to track contractual relationships between all contractors.

It increases safety for everyone at the construction site and makes life easier for site management and others in positions of responsibility.

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Infobric Ease

Infobric develop solutions that make working on the construction site safer and more efficient, for example, via utilisation of the internet based service “Infobric Ease” which provides real time information and up to date reporting from the construction site. Read more
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There are great opportunities to optimize energy use on most construction sites, by controlling and monitoring the electrical equipment. Read more

Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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