Machine Controller


Optimise the use of your resources

On any construction site it is a daily challenge to decide how best to utilise the available resources. Each resource should be applied where it is most useful, and should a specific resource not be available when required then production will be disrupted.

Watch SmartZone system video which uses the Infobric Machine Controller

Control the access to the machines

Infobric’s Machine Controller prevents the unauthorised use of general plant and powered access.  Detailed usage reports, allow the site to plan the resources at hand to work more efficiently.  Approved operators with a valid licence can be authorised to use individual or multiple pieces of plant, schedules can be added to ensure all plant is ‘locked out’ at specific times or dates if required.

Everything in one system

The access rights for operators to utilise plant machinery are fully integrated into the standard management system in Infobric Ease.  This means as a system user, you still work with the same simple and transparent interface that you are used to if you have used the system before for general access control.

A machine controller will be fitted to the plant or powered access equipment, which you can read more about here.

Infobric Macheine Controller

All that you need for a secure machine controller at the construction site

Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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