With the controlbox , you can easily control the access for you construction site.

The controlbox is easy to mount on existing doors and gates. The registration of every person entering the construction site is easily handled with the web service Infobric Ease. Those who work at the construction site only need to register their smart card or finger print to gain access.

Registration by the controlbox

The controlbox is a secure solution to grant access to site and has a full suite of reports to support it. Those who are authorised to be on site are granted access by either their smart card or biometric signature. Live attendance information is provided by Infobric Ease.

This is how it works

It’s quick and easy to get started with the control box.  All you have to do is connect it to a turnstile, or in conjunction with an electronic lock to control an existing door.  The unit can be supplied with two card readers for turnstiles or one reader and a ‘push to exit’ button for a door.

The units communicate independently with Infobric Ease so there is no longer a requirement for a central unit on site.  The built in modem and SIM card are included in the cost of the unit.  This means there is no need to run cables around site, which reduces costs and any risk of malfunction.

The controlbox is designed to withstand the harsh construction environment.  It is not affected should there be a failure of the local mobile network, the unit will continue to work and store information until it regains communication.  Once purchased, the controlbox is easy to redeploy around site or onto a new site entirely.

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