The Regbox is a smooth and flexible solution for an entry level attendance system on all types of construction site. All you need to get started with a complete electronic attendance solution is a power outlet, smart card and the web service Infobric Ease.


  • Register easily with a smart card or biometric solution
  • Developed for use within the construction environment
  • Industrially rated hardware


  • Quick and convenient to use – fast installation
  • Administered with the  web service Infobric Ease
  • Maintenance free


  • Can be used on all types of construction sites
  • The system can be expanded as the construction site evolves
  • Decide for yourself if you want rent from one of our partners or buy directly from us

This is how it works
There is no need to make things harder than they are: plug in the regbox into an electrical socket and it is ready for use. The incoming and outgoing registration is done quickly and securely by the individual’s smart cards. Add people who should have permission to register their attendance on site through the web service Infobric Ease, or you can choose to add them automatically by reading their card on the Regbox (not available on all card standards).

For all construction sites
Use the regbox as a permanent registration station or move it around to various locations if your worksite is geographically spread. The solid regbox is industrially classified and designed to operate in both indoor or outdoor environments.

Can be used wherever you are
The Regbox is connected to the web service Infobric Ease, and you can log on to Ease from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are you can see who is on the construction site and you can produce a full suite of reports for those individuals.
Should there be an emergency, you have full visualisation of who is on site at that precise time and can immediately produce a fire roll call.

By using Infobric Ease there are a numerous smart additional features that increase the safety and efficiency of your construction site. You can read more about the possibilities with Infobric Ease here.

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