New roles for system users

According to the principles of personal data control, and GDPR, the aim is to limit the access to personal data as much as possible. To minimize this access, we are implementing two new roles on the system client and updating the permissions for the existing role of Configurator.

  • User administrator, new administrator role with permissions to manage system users and permissions on the system client.
  • Report administrator, new administrator role with permissions to manage access to reports on the system client.
  • Configurator, we are changing the existing role so that it no longer has access to personal data.


Assign a system user new roles:

  1. Go to and log in with your username and password.
  2. Select the system client from the System client tab, top left.
  3. Click the System users tab, lower left.
  4. Choose the system user to which you want to assign the roles.
  5. In the System user window, assign the new roles by ticking the boxes in the Permissions-section.


NOTE! The roles Report and User administrator will take effect in the middle of August 2018. Until then, they will have the same permissions as the System administrator. To maintain these permissions as a System administrator, the new roles must be added. From the middle of August and forward, only User administrators will be able to create new users and assign permissions.

NOTE! The Report administrator manages who has permission to generate certain reports, and does not manage the actual generation of the reports themselves.

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