Installation of fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader with associated software and drivers are used to upload the biometric signatures onto Infobric Ease.

NOTE! The installation may require administrator privileges on certain company computers. Please contact your IT department and ask them to download and install the drivers and programs.


Dowload the corresponding driver:

  1. Connect the fingerprint reader to your computer.
  2. When Windows asks for drivers, use downloaded files (extract the files first)
  3. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
  4. Download and install Simple Infobric Reader

Start the card reading program by clicking on the Windows Start menu, open the folder Infobric and click Simple Infobric Reader.

NOTE! Select settings in the Simple Infobric Reader (SIR) menu bar, choose desired language, ensure Enable CSCS Card Support is checked. Use the same login for SIR as you use for Infobric Ease.

Contact support

You can contact us by email or by phone: 020 3540 0193

Opening hours during holidays

Day before Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and on Good Friday: 06:30am to 11:00am

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays


Infobric systems are currently used on over 10 000 construction sites

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