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  • Login and password

    Here you can learn more about how to log onto the web service Infobric Ease. Or how to proceed if you miss or have forgotten your username and / or password.

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  • Personal groups and individuals

    Whoever is site administrator processes the personal groups and individuals at the the web service Infobric Ease. Individual groups are used to divide the people and give them the appropriate rights. People can be added in several different ways.

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  • Shedules and permissions

    Whoever is your site administrator processes schedules and rights by the web service Infobric Ease. The schedules are used to give people rights to the workplace. Rights determine who should be granted access to devices, such as to pass through gates and what schedule should be followed. Set the rights for the person / groups to be allowed access. All other denied access.

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  • Anti-passback - Trunstile

    Anti-passback is a setting for the time you must wait before the next passage can be made with the same card. If you swipe your card on the turnslides reader, you can not pass with the same card within the timeframe you've decided in the web service Infobric Ease.

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  • Search for people and businesses

    In Infobric Ease there are a variety of search options. Click on the arrow according to the image to view more options for searching and grouping:

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  • Fire Roll Call

    In the web service Infobric Ease can the person who is the site administrator quickly see who is or has been located at the workplace and easily print a collection list.

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  • Temporary Card

    The temporary card can be used by people who need to borrow a temporary card. If the person has another card, that card will be automatically inactivated when the temporary card is registered. Whoever is site administrator is in charge for the temporay card in the web service Infobric Ease.

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  • End your site

    When the construction project is no longer active, you have to end the project in Infobric Ease. Fill out the form to end the project.

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  • Subcontractor Chain

    Subcontrator Chain is a feature of Infobric Ease, enabling you to get an overview of which subcontractors work on your site and track the contractual relationships between them.

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